Hello World!

Yes, I know, that wasn’t very creative. But we are developers and I think you started coding with a simple “Hello World!” program in C, PHP, JAVA or another language. And, as this is my first post, I will name it like my first program too.

Now, some things about me. My name is Óscar Vicente Pérez and I’m from Spain. I started my journey in development three years ago with a Hello World! written in Java. Since that, I end my studies and worked half and a year with C# and .Net, Java, Php, and other languages and tecnologies.

I difference between coding and develop. I define coding as write code, lines of code. And define develop as all the other things such design, think, maintain a project/program.

What am I talk about in this blog?

Well, that’s easy, about coding and develop.

More deeply, I will post about two main things and extras:


Which includes design patters and other things such Object-Oriented-Programming, good practices, etc…

When I talk about this things I meant every thing about development whose main objective is not coding. These will be the long ones and, of course, they will got code. They can explain the strategy pattern, introduce de IoC or talk about wrappers.

Smart code

Classes, tricks, smart algorithms, code. Things that you can reuse.

Short/medium posts explaining some smart answer to a problem. Like a double indexed map, how to implement a simple cache or a simple API to do something.


Of course, the blog will have many post about curiosities, tips about everything or just things I found interesting. Sometimes can be as simply as some games to learn coding, a project on a raspberry, etc…

Written on January 1, 2017