[Development] What is Functional Programming: Functions

A function in functional programming is just as in other paradigms. It’s a sequence of operations that can be named to easily referenciate them. In example:

int Sum(int a, int b) { return a + b; }


Func<int, int, int> sum = (a, b) => a + b;

Here you can see two ways of declaring a Function in C#, the traditional (first one) or the functional (second one).The first one is a simple method. The second one is a variable that points to an expresion so you can use it like a method. It’s a little big difference that you will love at the end of this series.

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[Development] What is Functional Programming: Introduction

This series of articles are a product of my personal research on functional programming. I will try to simplify all the concepts without losing the original meaning in the way. To help the transition between traditional programming and functional one, I will use C# at least in the first few post. Let’s try it!

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Hello World!

Yes, I know, that wasn’t very creative. But we are developers and I think you started coding with a simple “Hello World!” program in C, PHP, JAVA or another language. And, as this is my first post, I will name it like my first program too.

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